Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

The Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table is a nice-looking gaming adventure. This is one of the best Foosball tables because of the qualities that it has to offer. It has many wonderful qualities that make it stand out among other Foosball tables. This Foosball table can provide an interesting gaming experience. It comes with a variety of beneficial features that will be useful for rookie and amateur players alike.

Appealing Look

The Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table has a beautiful shine and refreshing look. It is constructed of wood that includes a shiny bamboo laminate finish. The bamboo will go great with any decor and offer a quality appearance. The appearance of the Atomic Pro Force is another feature that makes it one of the best Foosball tables on the market. This elegant Foosball table will look nice in any office, home, or gaming area. Friends and family will be complimenting how new and extravagant the Foosball table looks. It will maintain its spectacular appearance even after a long-term game playing experience. The bamboo laminate texture is easy to clean and will keep its perfect shine.


The Foosball table has a scoring system that is completely manual. It allows players to keep score their own pace and enjoy each game. The manual scoring is convenient and easy to do for every player. This table allows players to choose whether they want to keep score and it does not force them to do so. A manual scoring system is a good feature for players to utilize when playing Foosball.

Durable Construction

This Foosball table is made for durability and security. It will withstand the heavy amount of playing time that people will want to enjoy. It has steel rods that are not easy to break and can take a beating with each gaming play. The steel rods are able to keep the game on a continuous play without any problems or malfunctions. The legs are made for sturdiness and will keep the table level without needing adjustments. Players will be impressed with how well the table handles intense playing and gaming time. No matter how intense the Foosball game can be, it will be able to take the abuse.

Ball Return

There is a built-in ball return feature that is located on this Foosball table. The ball return makes the game easier and more efficient for playing time. This allows the Foosball table to offer an enormous amount of fun and continued playing ability. The ball will let players retrieve it without any problems and this can be a great beneficial feature. Foosball players enjoy the built-in ball return because it can offer a non-stop gaming action without stopping to fetch the ball. This makes the game be continued for player convenience. The built-in ball return saves precious time. The same precious time that players need to be used more productively playing Foosball.


  • The table has tabs that keep it from becoming attached or stuck on the sides of the foosball table
  • This table has legs that can be adjusted
  • The table has the ability to be leveled with the adjustable leg pieces
  • The players are already installed into the rods and there is no need to assemble them at all
  • The men are not secure and can be interchanged and switched for the one or three goalie option
  • This foosball table comes with easy to understand instruction
  • The table took a little amount of time to assemble but was simple to do using the instruction manual
  • The bamboo finishes is magnificent and give the foosball table with a nice appearance


  • This product is a good choice but it is made fairly cheap. It would be better if made with more durable wood and material.
  • The particle board was not strong enough to withstand the screws being inserted. The Foosball table needs to have a thicker board instead of particle board used for assembly. A thick board with Pre-drilled holes would be ideal.
  • The table surface was unable to be assembled as a flat surface. The ball was not moving around properly. I think the surface needs to be made with a more solid material that is already put together or designed for a complete flat assembly.


Q: Can this Foosball table be used outside in a high humidity climate?

A: This Foosball table should not be used outside in high humidity conditions.

Q: Does the Foosball table come with a ball or does one need to be purchased separately?

A: The table comes with three balls for convenience, there is no need to purchase a ball separately unless you need more than three balls with your table.

Q: What type of constructional material is used for the legs?

A: The legs are constructed of MDF.

Q: What type of material is the player made out of?

A: The players are constructed and designed out of plastic material.

Q: Do the rods have bearings that allow them to move easily and freely?

A: The rods do not have ball bearings, but the rods are able to move freely and easily without ball bearings.


These best Foosball tables have unique features and qualities that make them each spectacular. I would recommend each one of these different Foosball tables for fun and competitive enjoyment. Each Foosball table will provide players with an entertaining gaming ability. These Foosball tables are durable and constructed to handle the intense gaming that players look forward too. Each one of the Foosball tables would be a wonderful gaming experience. If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality Foosball table, each of these tables would be a good option to buy. The tables will give you a long-term enjoyment and fun playing experience to enjoy with friends and family. They are all considered to be the best Foosball tables on the market.

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