Carrom Signature 55 in. Foosball Table

The Carrom Signature Foosball Table is a great choice for fun and enjoyment. The Carrom Signature is one of the best Foosball tables around. It comes in a variety of different textures and designs that can be appealing for every player. This enchanting table has many unique features that enhance the playing ability of Foosball enthusiasts. It is constructed to give authentic detail and appeal to any area that it is being played. These spectacular features offer players a wonderful time of enjoyment and excitement.


The Carrom Signature Foosball Table has a spectacular look and design. The look is one of the many features that make it one of the best Foosball tables to buy. It is built with elegance and a variety of different material choices for the perfect appearance. The table has a detailed graphic design displayed on the table for players to view. This will let the Foosball players enjoy an extravagant scene of graphics while enjoying the fun filled competitive game. The playing surface of the table has a full and creative screen graphics that are printed on the surface. This makes the Foosball table different than any other table because of the interesting design that the table details.


The solid construction of the Carrom Foosball table will withstand many hours of long lasting fun. It has several options of Emerald Santos, Oak, and Fresco. The different colors and material will give players a personal touch to their gaming adventure with family and friends. There is an elegant gloss coating that covers the Foosball table’s cabinet to give it a fresh new shine with every hour of play. It has a solid base and rails that can hold up for those rough games of Foosball between avid or expert players. The Foosball players will enjoy every game on this nice-looking table and will be proud to show it off to other potential players.

Rod Bearings

The rod bearings are made out of steel with a triple chrome coating to last during the intense game playing of Foosball. The rods are equipped to hold up the 19 balls that are attached to each row of the Foosball table. Each row of the table is made of the durable hollow steel rods. The rods offer the durability to hold the balls that create the fun-filled game of Foosball. The triple chrome hollow rods will hold up for a long-lasting amount of enjoyment. They are made for the tough battles with friends and relatives without breaking or malfunctioning during an important game.

Play Quality

The playing quality of the Carrom Foosball table has been constructed to last through the brutal games that are played on it. It has a cross support for a level playing field to ensure that each game is accurate and unquestionably fair. The playing quality of the Foosball table has several different options for players’ specifications. There can be one or three goalies for player preference and choice. There is corner ramp inserts for player want to play by them. This dual version table can let players have fun by playing alone or with company. Being able to have this option is fantastic for every type of player. People can use the one player goalie option for practice or three goalies for competitive fun with other players.


  • The packaging was incredible and it would be hard for the product to become damaged during delivery
  • The customer service was exceptional and friendly
  • This foosball table comes with two groups of men
  • The dual option availability of three or one goalie
  • This table looks amazing and the designed graphics stay looking new with hours of playing time
  • This table is sturdy and has a nice appealing style


  • There is a slight problem with the counterbalanced men. The men do not work perfectly all the time. This could be improved with a better screw and hole set up. The men do not feel tight enough and would work better with the right screws and holes.
  • The level of the table is not exact and has some play in it. This makes the ball roll in some areas of the table. It could be fixed with a more structured leveling durability.
  • The ramps are not as sturdy as they should be. This can cause problems in the playing field. The ramps need to be made more durable with material that will stay sturdy over time.


Q: Do the inserts match the table or do they look like they do not belong on the table?

A: The inserts fit with the table and look like they belong on the table.

Q: Does the Foosball player have two sets of players?

A: Yes, the Foosball table comes with the two sets of players.

Q: How long does the Foosball table take to assemble?

A: It takes approximately 2 hours or less to put together.

Q: How is the Foosball packaged?

A: The Foosball table comes in a package with all the pieces that will need to be assembled.

Q: Can this Foosball table be used in a club or bar?

A: It would be better played at home or in an office. The Foosball table surface may not be able to withstand spills from drinks in a bar setting.

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