EA Sports 56" Foosball Table

EA Sports is a video game and entertainment company that provides its customers with a wide variety of items which they can enjoy. One of the best of these items is the EA Sports 56” Foosball table. They went to a great deal of trouble with this particular table and have made it more than worth its rather high price. It is not only a sturdy table but one that comes with an extra bonus: a simple dartboard that you can hang in your game room.

This double bonus helps make this a pretty good value for its price. It is an appropriate Foosball table for people who are buying for their home or those who are interested in a Foosball table for a bar or gaming room setting. Choosing between the various options and finding the best Foosball table for your needs is relatively easy if you go with the EA Sports table.

Built Strong to Last for Years

When I pay the kind of money asked for with this Foosball table, I anticipate playing on it for years. Thankfully, this table won't let you down. Its heavy 56-inch built is designed to provide you with a quality table that will last for years, even decades. While it's quite heavy and difficult to move (pushing 70 pounds), this is actually a positive boon for many players. Professionals prefer heavier tables as that gives them more leeway with the intensity of their playing.

Included Leg Levelers

One of the nicest things about this table that sets it apart from others on this list are the included five-inch leg levelers. I always prefer a Foosball table that allows you to adjust individual legs and this model did not let me down. Each leg can be adjusted by up to five-inches, helping you create a dead spot-free playing field. Professional Foosball players swear by individual leg levelers as it creates the most accurate playing field possible.

High-Quality Hand-Crafted Players

Unlike other Foosball fields that sometimes just seem to throw their players together, this field provides hand-crafted players. Each has been carefully designed to look as realistic as possible. Then each of the 26 players was hand-painted by a specialist. This creates a style that is hard to match from other Foosball tables. This is especially true when you compare it to cheaper plastic tables that often have players with chipped paint and other problems.

Fun Dartboard Included

While the dartboard included with this table is rather simple, it's still fun. It is a cork-board model that can be easily hung up on just about any wall in your home. Moving it from nail-to-nail is easy and fun, allowing you to not only move it to new areas but to take it to different houses. While it will lack the electronic scorekeeper of other models, it will make a nice addition to any game room. It looks best when paired with this Foosball table.


  • Included individual leg levelers
  • Bonus dartboard included
  • Handsome and sturdy design
  • Hand-crafted players


  • Relatively heavy compared to other models – make sure to install it where you want it to be for a long time
  • Hard to assemble – take your time with this model, as it will take more than an hour to put it together properly
  • Relatively expensive – but it lasts for years, so it's still a great option for any game room

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this table come with counterbalanced players?

A: Unfortunately, this table does not come with that luxury option. This does decrease its value slightly, but it doesn't kill the deal.

Q: Is this a professional quality table?

A: Absolutely! It is heavy and sturdy enough to withstand heavy-duty play. The EA Sports branding on the side may make it unusable in professional tournaments, though.

Q: How easy are the leg levelers to use?

A: All you need to do is adjust the screws to raise and lower each leg. The included level will help you find a great position for your table.

Q: Does this kill all the dead spots?

A: No Foosball table worth this much money will have dead spots and this table is no different. Any dead spots you experience can be easily fixed with the levelers.


Though this model seems somewhat out of the price range of many people, its high-quality construction and long-lasting durability make it an easy purchase for many. There's no reason this Foosball table couldn't last your family for years. Obviously, I'm a pretty big fan and I suggest that you try it out.

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