Kick Foosball Table Triumph Black, 55 In

The Kick Foosball Table is one of the best Foosball tables to play. The Kick Triumph is one of the best Foosball tables to play on because of its spectacular features and qualities. It is designed to provide a durable quality without the need for an expensive price tag. I recommend this Foosball table because of the craftsmanship that has been used to design this unique table. The Kick Foosball Table was constructed for all types of players to enjoy. It has a variety of features that allows players to take advantage of while enjoying the competitive game.


The features of this type of Foosball table are what make it a wonderful choice. The size of the table is big enough for players to comfortably enjoy. The construction of the table was completed by a person who is a Foosball player. He knew what specifications were needed to construct the perfect table for all players. The remarkable options make this one of the best Foosball table to play and choose from.


The Foosball table was constructed to be extremely durable. This is a must have feature when looking for the best Foosball table. Being able to purchase a durable table allows players to battle it out without the table falling apart. It is made to handle the intense Foosball games that will be played. The legs are designed with levelers to keep the table from moving and becoming off balance. This helps players continue to enjoy the game on a level and balanced table. A durable table ensures a fair game of Foosball without any issues or problems. This product was constructed for sturdiness, durability, and a level gaming atmosphere.


The size of the Kick Foosball table is large. It is 55 inches long which offer adequate space for players to enjoy. It is 30 inches wide which allows for a comfortable playing field for intense competitions. The 36-inch table height allows players to have hours of fun without becoming stiff and sore. The dimensions of the Foosball table are a great size for the average Foosball player.

Return Slot

Each side of the Foosball table has a convenient return slot. It allows the ball to be accessed at each end of the table. This makes the game easy to continue without any interruptions.

Players will enjoy this feature because it allows the game to be played at a non-stop pace. The return slot makes the balls easier to retrieve without any difficulty.

Safety Grips

The non-slip handle grips are conveniently located on the table for easy grasping. The non-slip grips help players hold onto for safe and secure playing. Players can keep a hold of the rails while playing on the Foosball table. This safety feature keeps players stable and balanced while playing the game. It also helps to gain momentum while battling the other player for a victory. The safety handle grips are constructed around the entire Foosball table. These grip handles are a great security for every Foosball player and keeps players from holding onto the table itself. The grip handles are durable and can handle the weight and pressure being administered onto them when playing the game.


  • The table has an elegant appearance
  • It is easy to assemble and takes little time
  • Kicks had exceptional support and customer service
  • The foosball table is durable and sturdy
  • It holds up great even with being moved around the room several times
  • The table has an elegant design and appearance
  • The table was packaged well and very protected in the box
  • This table seems to be indestructible and is able to withstand a beating
  • This foosball table is a good choice for home and office space


  • No pilot holes were pre -drilled. The manufacturer should pre-drill the holes for easier assembly.
  • Some of the parts are cheaply made. The construction of the Foosball table could be made with stronger and thicker wood and sturdier parts for a longer lasting table.
  • The chrome looking pieces is plastic and are easily breakable. It would be better if the plastic pieces were actually made of chrome and not plastic.
  • The ball gets stuck in the corner sections. Making the table design so that the corners would not trap the ball would be more convenient.


Q: How many midfield players are there?

A: There are 22 total midfield players included with the Foosball table.

Q: Does Kick have weighted men?

A: The Kick Foosball table is sold with counterbalanced men.

Q: Are the corners straight or curved on the playing field?

A: The game comes with inserts to make the corners have an incline.

Q: How is the Foosball table shipped?

A: The Foosball table is shipped either UPS or Fed Ex.

Q: Is the cup holders able to be removed?

A: Yes, the cup holders can be attached or removed for convenience

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