7 Things to Consider While Buying a Pool Table For Home Use

There was a time when people used to play billiard at pubs or hall rooms. Very few could boast of having tables at home. Along with time the tradition changed. From small to large, different size pool tables are available in the market at affordable price. So, it’s no crime to buy a pool table for home use. It can be an excellent source of family entertainment. Purchasing a pool table is undoubtedly an expensive investment. Some research can help you to turn it a wise one.

Best Pool Table for Home use

If you question Google, ‘What is the best pool table for home use?’ You would find tons of answers. I wonder whether those answers would come to any use. To my opinion, the idea of ‘best’ varies from person to person. Go through the options and match them with your needs to define what is ‘best’ for you. Nobody knows your needs better than you. While doing so, don’t forget about ‘must consider things’ for buying the best pool table for home use.

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Size matters

The thing matters most while choosing a pool table for home use is nothing but the room size. You cannot just buy a stand ignoring the room size fact. Before you make a blunder consult a good ‘pool table room size chart.’ Those who are not much familiar with the game might be thinking of guessing a suitable pool table size. In reality, things don’t work that way.

Imagine, you are playing pool at home. Like most other players of average height, you and your opponent are using 57-inch cues. While shooting, you will need to bend keeping at least one foot on the floor. This action requires some space. You can’t just buy a pool table and set it in a room which is some way more significant than the table. Instead, you will like to follow a room size chart. If you don’t, at least do some calculation.

For playing comfortably, you will need enough space around the table. You can do the calculation in easy four steps.

Steps for Finding table length

  1. Deduct length of two pool cues from the range of your room.
  2. Again deduct one more foot and get the length of your table.

Steps for Finding Table width

  1. Deduct length of two pool cues from the width of the room.
  2. Again deduct one more foot, and that’s the width of your pool table.


To many buyers, the table is not just an entertainment unit. They value it as a piece of furniture too. If you think the same then find a pool table that can bring some twist to the interior decoration of your living room. The woodworking, color, and style everything should match with other furniture in the room so it can complement the overall decoration theme.

Along with the look you will want to focus on the materials since the longevity of the table will depend on the elements. To avoid changing home décor frequently find a pool table that lasts long.

Space Saving design

Most people chose to buy space saving designs for home use. This is a great help for those who are tight on space. Tables with this feature sometimes have a two-in-one application. A pool table with a dining top can be an excellent example. Some others have built-in-storage that can accommodate accessories. Buying a 7 ft. A pool table is also a great way to save your space. These size tables look more substantial, but they take less space than 8ft. Or 9 ft. Tables. You will also find small pool tables in the market that can be folded and kept hidden when not in use.

Weatherproof Table

Some weather elements affect pool tables. If you are living in a place with the extreme weather, then try to buy the best quality table to survive the weather effect. Humidity and temperature cause tables warp earlier. Among expensive materials slate bed and wood construction are available. You will also find all over MDF construction tables at the lower price. Good quality engineered wood is less prone to warping and can stand against humidity to a certain extent.


To my opinion weight of a pool table is a significant feature that one should consider. Heavy-weight tables need professional movers when you shift. If you can afford the cost of shifting that’s fine otherwise I would vote for a lighter table for home use.

Purpose and Budget

If you do some homework on purpose and budget then you are half way to buying a pool table. Your budget will change along with the purpose. Both depend on the other. Pros would like to go to a tournament grade table. Recreational players may not need that. If you are buying this for kids, teens or elder people at home then you might look for a combination game table. Therefore, doing some research on these things will lessen your confusion and get you straight away to your desired table.


Last but not the least considered thing is playability of the table. The felt, bed, cushion, legs everything contributes to the level of accuracy. Before purchasing the big-ticket you may follow a detailed buying guide and learn about the table you want. Make sure you know what you are getting the price.

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