Tornado Elite Foosball Table Is a Great Choice for New Players

If you're relatively new to Foosball and are looking for the best Foosball table, the Tornado Elite Foosball table is a great choice. It is built out of sturdy material, is easy to adjust, and has no dead spots on the table surface. This is perfect for players who want to get right into the game and start playing. Here are a few reasons why this table is perfect for beginning players.

Sturdy and Adjustable Construction

Build out of Victorian Cherry Laminate finish, this model is built out of 1 1/2" thick wood. This makes it one of the sturdiest and most reliable on the market. It also comes with adjustable commercial-grade leg levelers that make sure your table suffers from no dead spots.

Each part is hand-built in the US with the highest quality materials. All parts are then carefully inspected to ensure that they meet exacting construction standards. Inspection is necessary to ensure all pieces fit comfortably the first time you play. This makes it a professional-grade table that will last you a lifetime.

Smooth Gameplay and Rod Control

One laudable thing about the Tornado Elite is its rod control. Beyond a few moments of “goalie stick,” this model has some of the smoothest and most reliable rod-control on the market. It includes counterbalanced players to make your play more fun and exciting, as well as a level playing surface that includes no dead spots that can slow down your play or force you to restart the game.

Ball returns are located on the side of the machine and run smoothly and efficiently. This makes your game nice and quick, allowing for fun and exciting tournament play.

Gorgeous Aesthetics for Multiple Room Styles

One thing that few Foosball tables pay attention to is their style. Many are simply built out of fairly unattractive plastic that can't be integrated well into most homes. The Tornado Elite uses the previously mentioned Victorian Cherry Laminate to make a natural-looking table that fits in well in just about any home. It has a nice, heavy and traditional look that makes it handsome and enjoyable to play on just about anywhere.

Each handle is built out of wood to not only match the style of the cabinet, but to provide a comfortable and easy-to-control design. This makes it a great choice for both home amateur players and a more professional environment.

Designed For Multiple Player Types

The Tornado Elite has been used in a wide variety of playing settings. For those who have a little money to spend, it makes an excellent game room addition to a home or hunting camp. It has also been used in upper class bars to provide a nice style boost to their interior design.

However, it has also been used in competitive amateur tournaments and even in lower-level professional tournaments. While it doesn't quite match the level of a truly professional table, it is still one of the best Foosball tables on the market due to its versatility and adaptability.

Pros and Cons of the Tornado Elite

Pros: Very sturdy and adjustable, no dead spots, built out of wood materials, professional-quality rod control

Cons: Can take some time to build if you lack building confident, some tendency for goalie rods to “stick” without a little spinning, a little expensive for some players

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Tornado Elite

Q: Does this model come pre-assembled?

A: No, it will be shipped to you with some assembly required. This includes putting the rods on and building the basic structure.

Q: Can this model be used with more than two players?

A: Up to two players can join in on each side to ensure that nobody gets left out of the fun.

Q: How highly rated is this table on commercial sites?

A: This table has been reviewed as “one of the best intermediate and skilled” tables on the market and usually receives up to four stars per review.

Q: What are counter-balanced players?

A: These are players that will automatically adjust to a horizontal position after a shot to ensure you don't block yourself from scoring.

Q: How heavy is this table?

A: The Tornado Elite weighs 225 pounds when fully assembled, making it a sturdy and difficult to move table under heavy play.

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