Tornado Sport Foosball Table

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is an elegant looking game. The Tornado has great qualities that make it one of the best Foosball tables to play and enjoy. It has beautiful construction and is sturdy. This gaming table is made for beginner players and entry level players. It will provide hours of fun for family and friends.

Plastic Black Handles

The plastic black handles are slip-free and easy to grip. They make playing simple and help keep a firm grasp on the handles. The handles are shaped to fit the hands without being bulky or thick. There is a unique coating on the handles that allows the hands to grasp and hold comfortably while playing. Foosball players will benefit from this feature because of the way the grips are made and simple to grab a hold of.

Ball Return Option

The ball return option is a great accessory to be included in the Foosball table. The slots are cut out large enough to retrieve the ball when it drops down. It is big enough for the average hand and fingers to be able to grab a hold of the ball and pull it out of the return slot. The return option is a beneficial feature that lets players easily grab a hold of the ball and continue the game without any interruption.


This Tornado Foosball Table is made to be adjusted. The legs of the table can be moved for different height variations. This adjustable feature allows this table to be one of the best Foosball tables to choose because the height can be changed for convenience. This is a unique and useful feature that players can take advantage of. Being able to move the legs to different levels can be great when playing with the kids and then switching to adult players. It allows every person to have the ability to play without worrying about height and reaching ability. The kids can have the table lowered for their size during the day and then evening time the grown up can have the table adjusted for adult game playing.

This feature has a uniqueness that works for all family members and friends without worrying about the height size of the player. The bottom of the legs is equipped with boot levels that keep the table sturdy and in place. The levels continue to offer adequate support at every leg level that is used for game play. The boot levels are great to use when moving the table to a different area around the room and keep it staying level and secure with every move that it makes. It protects the floor and the legs from becoming injured. The boot levels keep the legs sturdy and balanced with every game being played.


The construction of the Tornado Foosball is magnificent. It is built with a wide inch cabinet. The cabinet is coated with a mahogany colored finish that is elegant and classy in appearance. The quality of the Foosball table is built to last with its durability and secure design. This specific brand of Foosball tables is made in the United States. The look, design, and manufacturing of this table will offer players an elegant playing field. It will attract friends and family to want to play the game. When the Foosball table is not in use, it is a great piece to look at and admire in the home and office.


  • The balls are made with durability and are not made out of plastic like most balls
  • The table is sturdy and does not warp after several games being played on it
  • This foosball table is an excellent game table and have enjoyed hours of play time with the family
  • It is easy to put together and made with durability
  • All the pieces were in perfect condition when it arrived and the parts were made to last
  • The Tornado table is extremely sturdy and can take the hard playing abuse


  • The sports version of this Foosball table does not come with the counterbalanced men. There should be a description that includes that the sports brand does not come with counterbalanced men. This would make it easier for people who want to purchase the product to know that this option is not included.


Q: Does the table come with adjustments to level out the table?

A: There are shims that come with the table. The shims go into the boots to level it.

Q: Can the table be converted from a three man to a two-man goalie?

A: One man could be taken off or there is a one-man kit that can be purchased. If the one man is taken off, the other two men will be in their same positions

Q: How low do the legs go when lowered?

A: The legs can be lowered. There are three different holes or notches on the legs that the screws can be inserted for different variations of height.

Q: Can the men be upgraded to the counterbalance players for the Tornado Sport?

A: Yes, the counter balance men can be purchased. It may be a good idea to look into the Tornado Classic because this Foosball table comes with the counterbalanced men.

Q: How hard is this Foosball table to move to a different location once it is put together?

A: The table may be difficult to move with one person because it is bulky. You may want to have a second person help move it to a different location.

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