The Warrior Professional Foosball Table Is Professional-Quality

One of the best Foosball tables on the markets is the Warrior Foosball Table. This is considered a “top of the range” model similar to Dynamo or Tornado in that it is very high quality. It has been designed for very heavy and competitive playing, making it a great choice for players who really get into the game.

If you have teenagers who have a tendency to get a little “intense” when they play, this is a great table to invest in, especially at its more than reasonable price.

Very Quick Construction Team

People are often held back from investing in Foosball tables due to their rather lengthy setup period. Thankfully, the Warrior is not one of those tables. It advertises 20 minute setup time and it lives up to that promise. You shouldn't have to do much more than put up a few legs, install the rods and players, and that's about it. This quick speed allows you to get to playing almost immediately.

This is especially useful for bars or other commercial areas that plan on integrating Foosball tables. This quick construction speed is especially nice considering its low cost.

Professional-Quality Play at a Fraction of the Price

Professional-quality Foosball tables often cost thousands of dollars. This is partially because they need to be sturdy but also because they have to be balanced properly. The Warrior costs well under $1,000 and offer what is very nearly a professional level playing experience.

This makes it perfect for those who want to hold tournaments or professionals who need a nice practice field on which they can master their skills. While it isn't quite at the same level as a truly pro table, the differences are very minor. It shouldn't be hard for you to jump right into playing on this one and competing very well against tough opponents.

Sturdy Construction Quality

After putting together this Foosball table, you're likely to notice just how nice it looks. While it lacks the wood laminate that highlights other tables, it compensates with really good looking black plastic. It has been shined carefully to make it look great. Beyond its plastic surface are the design angles, which create a modern and updated style that other tables don't offer.

While wood tables remain popular, plastic models like this are becoming an increasingly bigger deal due to their lack of warping. This makes the Warrior a good choice for basement use.

Fluid Rod Control

The Warrior's rods have been carefully balanced and polished for maximum stability. They are very fluid and easy to control, especially with the comfortable plastic handle. One item that is really nice is the counterbalanced men. While using these players will take some practice, it will improve your game by keeping your players out of the way while you shoot.

Another nice aspect is the lack of heavy “bounce” of the interior walls. This gives you a higher level of control and creates a slower-paced and more deliberate style of play that is unique to this table and others like it.

Pros and Cons of the Warrior Foosball Table

Pros: Very quick construction time, inexpensive purchase price, near professional level of play, even and balanced playing field

Cons: Plastic style may not be to all tastes, balls have a tendency to “stick” if not cleaned regularly

Frequently Asked Questions for the Warrior Foosball Table

Q: Is this the best Foosball table for professionals?

A: That depends on the professional, as some won't appreciate the “stickiness” of the balls.” However, it's a good choice for those who are learning the sport.

Q: Can you do trick shots with this table?

A: That’s all depends on your skill level. The players are very reliable and are easier for professionals to control.

Q: How heavy is this particular table?

A: This table weighs over 200 pounds, making it sturdy enough to handle a lot of heavy play.

Q: Can you balance this table on your own?

A: Balancing this table requires carefully adjusting the height of the individual legs.

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