Best Choice Products 48" Foosball Table

I've taken a look at quite a few awesome foosball tables over the last couple of days and I can safely say that there are hundreds of great options. However, if you're looking for the best Foosball table for your family game room, the Best Choice Products 48” foosball table is a great choice. It is large enough to provide you with a sturdy and reliable foosball experience the family will never forget.

While I don't really think this table would be a favorite of most professional or serious hardcore foosball players, I see no reason that your family wouldn't love it. And the price is right, too, as I've seen it available for under $100 at most online shops.

​Reliable Construction Is Perfect For At-Home Use

​One of the nicest things I've found about this model was its build. While it doesn't take up a lot of room in your home (about four feet by two feet), it still has a nice presence to it and a nice build. Foosball can be quite an intense game, and I know you and your family will love playing hard and heavy on this table. Thankfully, it can easily resist that kind of heavy play with its tough exterior build.

​Light-Weight Build

​Another nice aspect of this table is that it weighs less than 50 pounds. While this may make it a little light for a truly professional table (which are usually closer to 200 pounds), this is a nice option for families. This makes it easy for your children to move the table when you're not around. I've found that this model is particularly a favorite of these younger children because it is so light and easy to move.

​Handsome Aesthetics Give It a Gorgeous Style

​The medium-density fiberboard construction of this foosball table is decorated with a faux-wood exterior. This gives it a nice grain that makes it look good in dens and other game areas. Personally, I've found that faux-wood foosball tables are popular because they re-create the old-fashioned look common in bar foosball tables.

​High-Quality Chrome-Finished Steel Rods

​The included chrome-finished steel rods offer a nice contrast to the wood aesthetic of the rest of the table. These easy-to-install bars are also sturdy and table, allowing each side four rows with 11 players. Ten of these players will be on the field while the last is the defending goalie.

​While the players are not counterbalanced for easier play, this isn't a major flaw. Counterbalanced players are nice for professionals who want a very competitive playing field. However, they aren't strictly necessary for amateurs.


  • Lightweight build and sturdy construction
  • Very low-cost investment
  • Handsome exterior design
  • Cup-holders and other nice decorative items


  • Too light for professional play – this makes it suitable for amateur play only
  • Difficult to transport for portable play – purchase a tabletop model for on-the-go foosball fun

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can play on this table?
A: Anyone who is tall enough to see over the top of the table and manipulate its handles can play this foosball table. It’s about 33-inches tall, meaning children over four-feet tall can jump right in and have fun.

Q: Do I have to put this table together myself?
A: This particular table does come shipped to you with assembly required. Thankfully, instructions are included to make it easier.

Q: Are there dead spots on this inexpensive table?
A: Dead spots are a problem on most foosball tables, but carefully adjusting the height of this table should eliminate them.

Q: How portable is this foosball table?
A: While this table is light enough to move around most homes with ease, it’s large size makes it hard to move from home-to-home. A large pickup truck could help here.

Q: Can the surface of this table get scuffed up?
A: Due to its faux-wood build, it is possible to mark up this table a little. Rubbing down these marks and adding a little wood glue should help fix those problems.


​While this table may not be quite as heavy-duty as a truly professional-grade table, it's only a notch or two behind. Its lightweight construction is perfect for families because it allows you to move it where you want and makes customization a snap. I have no qualms suggesting thing table for family fun use, especially with its very low price. At under $100, this table is one of the best I've played.

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