EastPoint Sports 60″ Liverpool Foosball Table Reviews

If you are interested in a Foosball table that is sturdy enough for even the pros to love, the EastPoint Sports 60” Liverpool is the best Foosball table for your needs. It’s large and sturdy construction makes it a reliable and competitive table, one that can handle tons of abuse. I personally love the way this table looks, especially when match it with a more natural or Earthy-style design aesthetic.

There are many reasons you should consider this particular Foosball table for your home. The most obvious and beneficial will be mentioned below to give you a better feel for what it offers you and how it stands out from its competitors.

Gorgeous Style and Grace

The wooden panel and chrome-plated rods of this model give it a unique “old-fashioned and modern” style that puts it in a different aesthetic league fro its competitors. Each hand-textured player has a fun “robo-style” look that makes them look more futuristic and less realistic than other models. This makes this a fun table for kids who love science fiction or robots. And I’ve never met a boy that doesn’t love playing on this table as a result.

Variety of “Easy Play” Features

After you set up this table, you’ll notice a variety of excellent features. My favorite is the shim pack included with each table. This helps you adjust the height and level of the table to eliminate dead spots on the field. This included shim takes the place of individual leg adjustment. While I prefer that particular method of leveling, this is an inexpensive compromise. The soft-molded handles are fun to hold and play and move without difficulty.

Assembly Is Streamlined For You

While you will be assembling this table on your own, it has been made as simple as possible. The included instructions are fully illustrated, well-written, and easy to understand. All tools and attachment items are included, making this an easy to build and fun to play table. Assembly will take up to an hour to finish, and due to the table’s heavier weight, it should be done in the area where you plan on playing it. While you and a few friends should be able to move it, your children likely won’t.

Textured Foosball Add Extra Control

Each table of this model comes with four textured Foosball. Textured foosball have a small amount of texturing on their surface that makes them stick to the table surface more effectively. As a result, you’ll experience less of the frustrating bouncing that can make cheaper tables less enjoyable. This also gives your players more control over passing and shooting, making this a very competitive table.


  1. Easy to assemble and includes all required assembly materials
  2. Heavy-duty for hardcore gaming action, including near-professional competition
  3. Fairly inexpensive for such a strong model
  4. Textured Foosball for easier control


  1. Lack of individual leg control – the shim pack solves this problem
  2. No counterbalanced players – not a major drawback for amateurs, but one that pros should note

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t it have counterbalanced players?

That option, while preferred by most players, will add at least $100 or more to the retail price. It’s a bit of a trade off of value over pricing.

Can this model be ordered online?

Absolutely! You can order it directly from its manufacturer or various online shops that provide high-quality Foosball tables. 

How much does table weigh?

At about 70 pounds, this table is a bit of a beast. It should be easy for three or more people to pick up, though. Its extra weight adds sturdiness.

What’s with the robot players?

The robot players are designed to look a little different than more realistic players. It may be a turn-off for some players, but others love them.

Is the sham really a good replacement for individual leg control?

Nothing can quite replace the adjustment control of individual leg control. That said, the sham does a really good job of keeping the table level.


This is a great table for anyone looking for a more professional-quality table. While it’s not quite at that vaunted stage, it is the highest-quality table on this list and a great choice for any Foosball player that plans on taking their game seriously.

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